Custom Pole Barns

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We at Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building, of Bowling Green, KY, believe the customer comes first, and we provide our loyal customers with the best custom pole barn installation kits out there.

We turnkey install all of our custom pole barns and forest barns, including door installation, windows, and accessories. What sets us apart from our competitors is our customer service, customization, consummate engineering, and professional implementation. We provide services including two-story homes, custom pole barns with lofts, open hay barns, garages, pavilions, storage buildings, and many other custom pole barn installation projects.

No matter the size and complexity of your project, Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building will treat it with utmost care, efficiency, and attention to detail. Do you need an attic? That is not a problem. We can design an attic space to meet any loading requirements, such as commercial, residential, or wet hay. We can also double the downstairs space by providing your building with floor trusses.

Even if you do not want a concrete slab, we can construct custom pole barns on grade. When your budget is bigger, you can pour a slab on it later. This is another great way to afford a larger building right now, and complete it later.

Our wonderful team can engineer, source, and construct your building to meet the most stringent requirements. Whether you need more space, storage for your RV, a riding arena for your horse, or a little workshop, Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building can make it happen quickly at unbeatable prices!

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