Window Installation

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Because your home is one of your largest and most important investments, Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building, of Bowling Green, KY, provides thorough home improvement solutions, including our premier residential window installation and window replacement services. Not only do we offer services for homeowners, business owners, can also experience the finest commercial window installation services around!

We offer numerous accents and style options suitable for anyone’s preferences. As a commercial and residential replacement window and door company with over 15 years of experience, we provide welded vinyl windows, double pane windows, and double hung window installation with low-E and argon included.

Additionally, we will furnish an exterior trim with high-quality paint so that you do not have to fret about upkeep. At Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building, we do each window installation for under $225, regardless of the size.

There are several variables to consider when pondering the purchase of new or replacement windows. If any of these factors are an issue, then you may want to consider our preeminent window installation or replacement services:

• Leakage—Is air or moisture leaking through the gaps along the edges of your window?
• Furniture—Your furniture is beginning to fade or showing signs of moisture and mildew.
• Temperature—When the temperature outside drops, so does the temperature inside your house.
• Heat and Air Conditioning—Your heat or air conditioning is constantly running.
• Noise—You experience more noise intrusion from outside.
• Upkeep on paint—When looking at the exterior of your home, you notice that the framing necessitates painting every couple of years.

If you have checked one or more of these items, then your windows may be either single paned, have subpar insulation, and/or are causing energy inefficiency within your home. Not only can this greatly affect the overall value of your home, it can also increase energy bills and maintenance.

Do not worry! Taylors Pole Barn and Garage Building can help you!

Give us a call today, and we will enhance the quality of your home life with the finest window installation services around!